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Frequently asked questions

It’s easy to get started with Podwalk. Here are some tips and tricks, and frequently asked questions.

Is any informations saved about me and how I use the app?

No. Because there is no user signups we have no possibility to see what you are doing. And even if there was, we would not like to do so. The only information we gather is statistics on how many listeners a podwalk has in total and how many of those listeners have completed the specific podwalk.

When will the app be available on Android?

Our strategy is to first make sure that the iPhone version works perfectly for everyone who uses it. Android will definitely happen in a foreseeable future. Sign up to our newsletter to be notified when this happens.

I’m traveling and am not willing to use data roaming?

No problem! Podwalks can be downloaded for offline use. When you are on a WiFi, just tap download and the podwalk will be saved locally to your iPhone. You can delete your downloads later in the settings panel.

I don’t have headphones with me?

We have all been there. You can either use the speaker on the bottom of your phone, or listen through the speaker on the top, just as when you are making a phone call. Great for stealth podwalking.

The app doesn't show me my location?

It’s probably because you disabled the app's Location Access. Change this setting on your iPhones Home Screen > Settings > Podwalk and change the Location status from “Never” to “Always”.