Unlocking stories.

We're working on creating advanced technology, a robust content platform, but most importantly, on gathering great stories for everyone to experience.

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The concept

We believe that great narratives give a better understanding of the places we visit.

When you’re traveling to new places or just taking a walk through your own neighbourhood, we’re sure there’s an almost unlimited amount of history hidden from plain sight. Our mission is to uncover these stories.

Podwalk is easy to use, both for the listeners and the producers. This makes it possible for anyone to participate in recording and listening to the site specific podcasts.

We’re visiting exhibitions all the time but almost never get a guided tour. Either there ins't one or we got there too late. We believe that great exhibition communication is aided by easily accessible audio guides that just work.

Our office and our friends.


Åsmund Sollihøgda

Founder · CEO

Åsmund is the designer behind the core experience and product of Podwalk. Drawing experience from the similar project Recho, he’s also establishing new partnerships and maintaining daily tasks at the office.


+45 22 77 44 66

Chris Hart


Experienced strategist and commercially minded CFO with over ten years experience recently within the entertainment and media verticals. Supporting Podwalk as a commercial and business consultant.


Matteo Sartori


Teo has a background in both Computer Science and Architecture and has been programming computer games. Perfect fit for a Podwalk engineer. He is writing our code, crushing bugs and foremost innovating the user experience.