Podwalk for content creators.

Take a walk through the exhibition together with the artist, or let a historian tell stories about those rare artefacts in the museum collection. There are as many ways to use podwalk for storytelling as there are stories.

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For Everyone

Organisations and institutions of all sizes can use Podwalk as a tool for communication.


Until now museums either had to use their own hardware or real life guides. Both these solutions have limitations. With Podwalk institutions can create guides with ease be and cost effective. Finally even the smallest museums can offer their guests audio guides.


The best way to experience a new place is together with a friend who shows you around. A Podwalk is a bit like that. Storytelling is the strongest medium for memories; make sure your visitors bring a lot of them home.

Documentary / Drama

Just as every place has a story, every story belongs to a place. Podwalk can be a time machine, giving your listeners the experience of being right there, where it happened, when it happened. The streets transform into a stage, right under the feet of your audience.


Create informational content accessible to an unlimited amount of students any time of the day. Using our senses helps learning. With Podwalk, all five work together to understand, learn and react. And it’s a really fun and engaging way for anyone to explore the world.


We strive to feature as much great content as possible, therefore we’re offering subscriptions at an affordable and flat rate.


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Unlimited amount of podwalks

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Get Started

Podwalk is designed to be a simple way to produce site specific storytelling, all you need is a microphone and an idea.


Create your recordings using anything from a smart-phone connected to a microphone to professional equipment.


Use Google Maps to define your chapter-locations. Watch tutorial here. Beacons is used for indoor positioning.


Create a cover and write a short description. You can include anything from logos to opening hours and links.


Email audio, coordinates, cover and description to us and your podwalk is published within hours. We offer free support within working hours.


As little technology as possible.

Indoor Podwalks use beacons as navigation. These are small, cheap, bluetooth-devices that you hide in plain sight. Your visitors don't even have to know it’s there.

Frequently asked questions

Who owns your podwalks?

As a content producer you keep all rights to your content. You can re-distribute the content on other platforms. You take full responsibility for that the content follows local legislation. Read our terms.

Can I produce indoor podwalks?

Of course! If you have beacons installed, we can use these for localization. If you need some, we will help you. 10 units (10 rooms) costs around €300.

How do I produce audio?

We have a community of talented audio-producers and journalists. We are happy to put you in touch. A basic podwalk normally takes half a day of recording and a full day of editing.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

Your podwalks will become unpublished. You can at any time continue your subscription and your podwalks will instantly be republished.

When will the app be available on Android?

Our strategy is to first make sure that the iPhone version ticks as a clock for everyone that uses it. Android will definitely happen in a foreseeable future. Sign up to ours newsletter to get a notice when this happens. Newsletter


The legal side of things is straight forward. You own the content, we own the app. Read our terms here.